Responsible capitalism

"Responsible Capitalism means to conceptualize business in a way which is 'fit' for human beings"

R. Edward Freeman, 1st Annual Lecture on Responsible Capitalism, Dublin City University, Dublin, 14 September 2011.


We apply an interdisciplinary approach to help organizations change towards responsible capitalism: a way to create value for stakeholders with ethics, responsibility, moral imagination and sustainability integrated into strategy. 



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  • Business Ethics 
  • Sustainable Product Innovation

Organisational change

  • Code of ethics development & implementation
  • Integrating Sustainability and CSR into strategy

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We adopt an interdisciplinary approach integrating knowledge and experiences from: 

  • Stakeholder Theory
  • Business Ethics
  • Sustainable Innovaton
  • Commedia dell'Arte 

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We are a team of friends and colleagues with different backgrounds and a common passion: develop a responsible, creative and sustainable managerial mindset

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Over the past 20 years we have worked with universities, research institutions, professional associations, managers and entrepreneurs in Italy and abroad

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